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My mission is simple.  I want to help people become exceptional leaders.

The onus is on each one of us to take charge of our leadership journey. By constantly finding ways to expose ourselves to environments and individuals that can help us achieve our goals, we can pave the road to the desired outcome. One thing I always tell my clients is: "If you want to become a World Class athlete, choose parents with great genetics.  If you want to become a World Class leader, choose great role models, mentors, and coaches!"

With over 40 years experience providing effective leadership and achieving superior results in a wide range of challenging environments, I understand the personal and professional challenges business leaders contend with. As a former C-level executive, I bring a wealth of practical, real-life leadership knowledge and expertise to every coaching engagement, and serve as a catalyst to accelerate change and the achievement of positive results.

I help my clients become World Class Leaders.

Executive Coaching

My executive coaching engagements are uniquely tailored to each individual and are designed to provide focus that can deepen an executive’s self-awareness and promote personal and professional growth. The private, in-person coaching sessions provide leaders with an opportunity to engage in focused, constructive, and confidential dialogue with a skilled and objective listener.

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Leadership Development

Countless studies show that companies with skilled, effective leaders significantly outperform their peers. Yet it is a well-known fact that most companies do not take an organized, systemic, and continuous approach to developing their current and future leaders. Many companies that do offer leadership development and training often fail, for various reasons….

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Mike is an experienced speaker with a strong history of delivering dynamic, interactive, and memorable speeches to a wide range of organizations. He is known for his ability to motivate, energize, and provide his audiences with actionable strategies, tactics, and techniques that they can implement immediately upon returning to their teams!

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